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Hello people!! In this topic, we will discuss one of my favorite video games which is “Tetris”. It is a kind of puzzle video game in which geometric shapes are used called tetromino. It increases brain efficiency. It has sold 500 million copies. It was created by Soviet software engineer Alexey. It is very important to note that it doesn’t contain inappropriate content and kids aged 6 and above can play.

Genre: Puzzle; tile-matching

Mode: Single-player; multiplayer

Let’s discuss the trick to playing basic Tetris

The goal in Tetris is very simple; you just have to bring down blocks from the top of the screen and you can move the blocks around, either left to right and/or you can rotate them. Usually, the blocks fall at a certain rate, but you can make them fall faster if you’re sure of your positioning. The trick is to build up rows of pieces and leave the rightmost column open until you have 4 solid rows. Drop it in the column and start over again when the piece becomes long.

However, the long-term goal will vary based on the version of Tetris you are playing, and the selected game mode.

Let’s give a quick introduction to different modes of Tetris:-

Endless mode:- This mode is also known as A-Type. This mode is the most traditional mode of Tetris and has existed since Tetris was first developed. Endless means no limit so, in this mode, the game plays forever and ends only when a new piece is introduced at the top of the matrix without colliding with the existing stack. The level, and the speed at which the tetrominoes fall, increase with every ten lines cleared.  Traditionally players start at level 1 but many games give players the ability to select their starting level, usually up to level 9.

Marathon mode:- It consists of limited levels and is very similar to endless mode, with the only major difference being that it is limited and not endless. Most of the Marathon modes end once the player successfully clears level 15 and don’t always require ten lines to be cleared for level increase, unlike endless mode. Further, the starting level may not be selected. As the game ends upon clearing level 15, the goal is to achieve the highest score possible in those 15 levels.

Sprint mode:- This mode is also known as B-Type or 40 Lines. It contains limited lines and sprint mode is a competition to clear a certain number of lines as soon as possible. We should know that there is great variability in this mode across different versions of Tetris. In most of the newer editions, the number of lines to be cleared is 40 and some versions, particularly older consoler versions, require a lower number of lines to be cleared.

Ultra mode:- This mode is also known as Time Trial. In this mode of the game, the time limit is already set. Usually, the time limit is two minutes, but sometimes three minutes in other versions, to clear as many lines as possible. When the time runs out, the game ends, regardless of how many lines you clear. It is also possible to end the game before the time limit ends if you have already filled up the Matrix and topped out.

The pieces on which the game of Tetris is based around are called “tetrominoes”.  Let’s understand in detail:-

Next piece:- Almost all falling block games shows a preview of the next piece to enter the playfield that is displayed in a window of the tetrion, generally positioned to the right of or above the playfield.

Ghost piece:-  Also called shadow piece. It represents where the current piece will land if allowed to drop into the playfield. This piece is generally faint in color than the falling piece and the blocks in the playfield. As the player moves the falling piece, the ghost piece moves below it.

Hold piece:- Hold piece is a feature of most newer Tetris games. It was introduced as part of the development of Square Tetris mode and it made the game easier. The top left of the tetrion has a window called the hold space that displays a Tetromino. At any time starting when a Tetromino enters the playfield until it locks, the player can press the Hold button on the controller to move the active Tetromino into the hold space and move the Tetromino that was in the hold space to the top of the playfield.


So, people, we have discussed a lot about this game. Now, it’s time to conclude this topic in a few words….This game had been proven useful in controlling anticipated stress and can be a highly relevant invention for the generation of young adults who spend a considerable amount of their time on their smart gadgets. So, I must say it’s been a great game without any inappropriate content in it.

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  1. Well explained by u guys
    About this endless mode
    This mode is also known as A-Type. This mode is the most traditional mode of Tetris and has existed since Tetris was first developed.

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