Strategy Guide: GTA San Andreas

What are strategy guides?

Strategy guides are instruction books that include hints or complete solutions to certain video games, earlier it was confined to physical strategies in form of books but now the company has transitioned to creating digital strategy guides and game news.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite best-selling video games GTA and some of its strategies and ideas for beginners.

So all the game lovers let me begin with “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. It was initially published for PlayStation 2 back in 2004. Now, it has become the fifth mainline entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, following on from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which was released in 2002. It can now be played on PCs like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.

Dear newcomers now, I would like to point out some strategies and ideas from my learnings to help you take the fight against the various gangs of San Andreas:

  1. Stoop and Crouch as much as possible– My dear game freaks you know it becomes much easier to hit enemies while crouching, you can also utilize cover, which will be necessary to complete the hardest firefights of GTA
  2. You should enter into as many fights as possible with body armor, particularly during the latter half of the game.
  3. Using the right weapon is very important for example don’t bring a shotgun when you want something with range and don’t bring a sniper to a knife fight.
  4. If you are not sure what type of fight you’re getting into, bring one sub-machine gun. It is usually pretty good in most situations.
  5. Remember, the manual camera is your friend. Suppose you’re moving through tiny hallways where enemies could blast you before you realize what’s happening, use the manual camera to peek around first.
  6. Family members are pretty useless in a fight but they’re considerable distractions to help you get the enemies.
  7. you should learn to kill people with your car before you get out and use a gun because the car gives a lot of additional protection and will kill enemies quickly if you’re going fast enough.

I would love to introduce you to some tips for driving San Andreas’ array of vehicles:

  1. The first thing first is to make sure how to maintain a balance between speed and control. Usually, San Andreas’ vehicles spin easily which can be a problem if you’re in a tense tailing mission or high-stakes race.
  2. You should use the handbrake with R1/X/ SPACE to make quick turns easier. Yanking the handbrake for too long can result in the spinning of your car.
  3. If your car gets damaged, it will catch fire in no time. Try to escape as soon as possible.
  4. It is even possible to fire a gun on either the left or right being in the car. You just have to press the L2/LB / Q button to look left or the R2/RB/E button to look right, and then press CIRCLE / B / LMB to fire.
  5. On a motorbike, you can fire but with fewer restrictions, hitting targets both ahead and to the side of you.
  6. Though you’ll be educated enough about the basics of flying during the Pilot School mission, it’s worth remarking early on that helicopters and planes offer a more complicated control scheme than other vehicles. Moreover, you will have to pitch air-bound vehicles backward and forwards and roll them using the Analogue Stick / Arrow Keys.

I think now you guys know much about fighting tricks and vehicle tips let’s jump to the main mission of this series,

Usually, the heart of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas concentrates on a lineup of over 100 story missions and these take place throughout three cities: Los Santos,  Las Ventura’s, and San Fierro. It’s not possible to describe all these missions including the 69 main missions in it. So, you just have to make your way to each location the story unfolds, with the map gradually unlocking. Thank you for being with me till the last point.

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    • 10/10 Hot Dog Stands And Vendors Heal CJ.
      9/10 Max Out The Firefighter Job In Los Santos.
      8/10 Go To Angel Pine And Max Out The Paramedic Job There.
      7/10 Focus On Maxing Out Stamina In The Gym.
      6/10 Shoot Cars And Repair Them In Garages To Train Your Shooting Skill.

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