Avenge Themed Wooden Wall Decor

Avenge Themed Wooden Wall Decor

Size :- 7 x 7 Inch | Quantity :- 6 Pcs | Material :- MDF […]


Size :- 7 x 7 Inch | Quantity :- 6 Pcs | Material :- MDF / Pine Board
Avengers-themed wooden wall decor Made from high-quality, durable wood Features iconic Avengers logo or symbol as the centrepiece Vibrant and eye-catching colors Lightweight and easy to hang Adds a touch of superhero charm to any room Perfect for Marvel fans of all ages and Makes a great gift for Avengers Fans.
Backside Self Adhesive tape is provide very easy to install, Easy to clean with dry cloth, Keep it away from water , Only for indoor Decoration. You may see some brown patches on backside due to high intensity of heat used during laser cutting.it is used to give sharp and fine look to the design. Do not think its used or an old piece.
Enhances the decor of superhero-themed spaces and Can be displayed in kid’s rooms , bedrooms, living rooms, offices, or entertainment areas Provides a unique and personalized touch to your home or office Adds a sense of adventure and inspiration to the atmosphere
These can be combined with other Avengers-themed decorations for a cohesive look and very easy to clean and maintain. Suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor spaces , Offers a stylish and artistic way to express your love for the Avengers


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