We all know that we live in a world today, where technology moves at a very rapid pace. Some of these technologies can be used to make our everyday lives safer and easier and one of these new technologies is Biometrics. It is an automated method of security. So my dear readers let’s give a quick definition of biometrics.

The term Biometric means biological measurements of physical characteristics such as fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, and retina scans that can be used to identify individuals. It only allows authorized people for security purposes.

Let us discuss the uses of Biometrics:-

  • The first use of our day-to-day life is mobile access and authentication and computer login.
  • The second most common use is related to banking as credit cards, ATM cards, and for document encryption.
  • This technology of Biometrics is also present in airport security.
  • It has been of great use in law and prison management.
  • We use fingerprints or retina scans to protect our personal properties and buildings. Like home, school, etc


Current five most popular types of biometric

  1. Fingerprint scanning:-

It is a type of physical biometrics. A fingerprint scanner is used to authenticate data for this type of authentication. Fingerprint scanners are relatively cheap and can even be bought on Amazon. As we all know every individual has a unique fingerprint specific to them individually, so it can not be copied by someone easily but it’s not impossible.

  1. Voice Recognition:-

We all know the voice is a special feature inherent to each person as their fingerprints or face which is hard to falsify. This specification is the fact that so many companies worldwide use phones for communication offers a wonderful opportunity for the use of this biometric authentication method. Also, voice recognition is relatively convenient for users and needs the least effort on their side.

  1. Facial Recognition:-

This method of authentication is widely used and people are used to this type of technology. It works very efficiently and requires little interaction with the device. We all live in a world of technology and we have been educated enough that facial recognition is the computerized localization of a human face in an image or video. Do you know – it can be also used to confirm a person’s identity based on the available data – an image of someone’s face stored in a database as mathematical code. This technology is high in demand because this method can be applied in videoconferencing.

  1. Handwriting Recognition:-

Handwriting is a part of Biometric authentication & comes under the behavior biometrics system. Under handwriting, signature verification can be implied in regions requiring workflow automation, such as the judicial systems or banking. It is used to confirm identity for centuries and it is based on pattern recognition algorithms or mathematical techniques of curve analysis since a set of points can represent a signature.

  1. Iris Recognition:-

I can bet you will be fully amazed to know that this technology was first proposed by ophthalmologist Frank Bursch in 1936. In the early 1990s, John Dufman of Iridian Technologies patented an algorithm for observing variations in the iris and at that time, this method of biometric authentication was one of the most precise and is performed with the help of dedicated iris scanners. For your better understanding let’s go into detail that how this technology works. We know the pupil is located first, followed by the iris and eyelids. Then, unwanted parts such as eyelids and eyelashes are omitted to leave only the iris part, which is allocated into blocks and restored into numerical values representing the impression or image.


As you can notice, there are numerous biometric authentication methods accessible and available in the market & each of them has its pros and cons, but you can be confident of one thing – any method listed in this article is safer and surer than a typical password and that’s the reason we encourage you to explore & analyze each technology characterized in this article and decide which one to implement in your life and more importantly, we can conclude future is password less.

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  1. Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics.
    You can add this one also
    But great content nd nice blog 🤠

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