What are video games?

Before you know about the best-selling video games, I think it’s important to understand “what are video games”. Let me define “video games” in a few words for your understanding….

Video games are electronic games played mainly on a video screen (normally a computer, laptop, or television or built-in screen when played on a handheld machine). In this, the players control the image shown in the video. Earlier it was confined to computers only now it is played on mobile phones too.

The positives and the negatives of the darn thing

The upside of playing video games can be summarized as,

  • It improves problem-solving skills.
  • Puzzle video games improve logical & practical thinking.
  • Faster decision-making skills.
  • Better coordination of eye and hand.
  • It increases multitasking abilities.

The downside of the games (which I do not completely agree with, as I would kill to play for hours and hours) is,

  • Some of the video games come with a lot of crime & war visualization, which can increase anger and abuse.
  • It sometimes consumes so much time and energy that children drift away from studies and other curriculum activities.
  • They become so busy with the virtual world that they stop making real friends.
  • It also induces poor health and mental condition, sometimes payers take the game so seriously that they suffer from depression.

Which were the best-rated video games of all time? (In my opinion)

Although it is hard to judge so many over the years, the ranking is based on the rating provided by the critics and the number of copies sold. I may be wrong, so don’t kill me if I did not include one of your favorite games in the list

1. Minecraft

Developers –  Mojang

Genre – Sandbox

Publisher – Mojang, Xbox game studios, Sony interactive entertainment.

ESRB( entertaining software rating board) – 10 years and above

Minecraft is a 3-D game. Let me tell you it can be played for free on a web browser. It has sold more than 176 million copies. A person can develop important cognitive skills while having fun playing Minecraft.

2. Grand Theft Auto(GTA)

Genre – Action/Adventure Video Game

Developer– DMA Design

Publisher – BGM interactive

ESRB( entertaining software rating board)- 18year and above

It has sold 110 million copies. it was released in Nov 1997 for MS-DOS & Microsoft windows, in Dec 1997 for play station, and Oct, 199 for game boy color.

3. Tetris

It is a kind of puzzle video game in which geometric shapes are used called tetromino. It increases brain efficiency. It has sold 500 million copies. It was created by Soviet software engineer Alexey. It is very important to note that it doesn’t contain inappropriate content and kids aged 6 and above can play.

Genre(s): Puzzle; tile-matching

Mode– Single-player; multiplayer


It has sold 50 million copies. You should note that it is a battleground game it sometimes spread anger and abuse among children. So, it is 16+ but 12+ can play.

Let me introduce you to one more piece of information about PUBG the former chairman of ISRO G Madhavan Nair said PUBG does more harm than good. It exposed children to a world of crime and war. So, in India, it was banned on September 2020.

Initial release date- 30 July 2016

Publishers- KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation, Kakao Games, Xbox Game Studios.

Developers- KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation.

5. Super Mario Bros

It is one of the best-selling video games of all time. It has sold 48 million copies. It induces leadership qualities in children. It is great for kids up to age 6 and above.

First release- Super Mario Bros. September 13, 1985

Developers– Nintendo R&D4

Platform – Nintendo entertainment system

I guess I have discussed enough video games, so my friends I want to conclude by saying parents should see both pros and cons of video games and then decide to let their kids play them. And for the young generation sportsman spirit is important but focusing on other social goals is also important.


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