Whenever we discuss developing technology, there must be a discussion of artificial intelligence. Day by day artificial intelligence is occupying major parts of our social lives. So, we should first know what artificial intelligence means.

Artificial means human-made. So, artificial intelligence is the technology created by humans with the help of science and engineering of developing intelligence which refers to intelligent machines & programs.

AI shows promising solutions in industries and businesses as well as in our daily lives because it helps to match human intellect without the involvement of humans themselves.

AI has become one of the fastest development in the world of technology and innovation. It is said so because with AI machines perform functions like learning, problem-solving, planning, reasoning, and many more. AI is mainly the stimulation of human intelligence by machines.

So, my dear readers for your better understanding of AI  I will point out the most common AI we use -Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.  They follow our voice commands and they are AI-based software.

Types of Artificial Intelligent Devices

Reactive devices:-  They react to situations. These machines lack memory. They certainly cannot use past experiences to educate future ones. It analyses all possibilities and chooses the best one. The most popular example of this type of AI is IBM’s Deep Blue, a machine that beats chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997.

Limited memory devices:-    These types of AI are based on memory means they can use past experiences to educate future ones. So friends I recall a very good example of this for your better understanding which is Self-driving cars. They have an inbuilt decision-making system and based on observation they create memory and act accordingly like changing lanes while driving.

Self-awareness:-  This is the most sophisticated level of AI. They have a sense of self. Moreover, they have awareness, feelings, consciousness, and emotions. Such type of technology does not yet prevail. This technology would surely be a revolution in the world of innovation.

Theory of mind:-  These types of AI are specially made to understand the needs of other intelligent entities. They need to understand others’ beliefs, desires, intentions, and opinions. However, they don’t exist yet.

What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence?

As we know whatever we do today there is the involvement of AI in it. From basic day-to-day life work to solving huge crises AI is number -1.

There are many fields occupied fully or partially by AI. Let’s discuss some of them:-

  • AI has contributed tremendously to the health sector. These technologies help in the quick diagnosis of disease and its successful surgery. It can efficiently operate on patients without human supervision.
  • Artificial Intelligence in business would significantly save time and effort. It is an application of robotic automation to human business tasks. Furthermore, Machine learning algorithms help in better serving customers by giving quick responses and service to customers.
  • AI’s contribution to the education sector can’t be ignored.
  • It makes education more efficient. It works in a way that it first discovers the need of students and then adapts accordingly. It helps in grading the result and saves time. AI tutors provide study material to students. Its use is not limited to students only but has a great impact on other, educational fields.
  • AI in manufacturing units has a great impact on the potential of the company to produce more in less time.
  • It increases the rate of work in the manufacturing of a huge number of products. Moreover, the entire production process can take place without human interference. So, a lot of time and effort is saved.
  • AI and its application have affected various other fields like the military, video games, law, finance, government, art, audit, automotive, etc. Hence, it’s clear that AI has become the best innovation of all time.

Will machines take over?

So, my dear fellow readers, we must be aware of the fact that AI will replace human workers in the future, with this notion let us discuss the scope of AI in the future,

As we already know application areas of artificial intelligence are having an enormous impact on numerous fields of life to solve complicated problems in various areas such as education, business, medicine, factories, engineering, weather forecasting, etc. Now, work can be done by a single machine which used to involve many employees. It can ruin our lives if we become entirely dependent on it. So machines should be used only when they are required.

Artificial Intelligence looks all set to be the future of the World. Specialists truly believe that AI would certainly become a part and parcel of human life soon. AI would completely change the world’s vision. With AI the future seems more intriguing and exciting. But remember one thing humans have developed AI, and AI has not developed humans. Use wisely.


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